June 23, 2015

Speaking at Open Source Bridge 2015

Last year I attended OS Bridge as a volunteer and this year I spoke with two other former Outreachy interns and Ascenders on how to get started in open source. This was the talk I wish I had heard last year when I volunteered as an absolute beginner to tech.

The night before the talk I found the site speaker.io and wish I had found Zach Holman’s collection of speaking resources sooner. It would’ve been helpful. Collaborating with two other speakers was a lot more work than I expected but it was worth it.

Below are some highlights from the talk that came from the Ascend Project’s training. You can also read our slides.

###Ascend Project’s First Bug Checklist

  1. Read the entire bug

  2. Interpret what you need to do

  3. Make a list of what you’ll need:

    • source code
    • documentation/style sheet
    • communication channels- IRC/mailing list/etc.

###Ascend Project’s Bug Comment Template

Use this template on issue trackers like bugzilla or GitHub issues to show your initiative and get direction.

“I am very interested in working on this bug. My current understanding is that I need to . . . I found the code/documentation/stylesheet at . . . and already set up my dev environment. I would start adding this feature/fix this bug by . . . Am I on the right track?”