May 29, 2015

Mapping Art in Portland

This summer I hope to participate in a summer Art Walk around Portland. Katie Urey, a PDX OSGeo member brought up the idea and I hope to participate as much as possible. The idea is to add Portland Public Art Works to OpenStreetMap(OSM) and take pictures to be added once Mapillary finishes developing a OSM plugin. It’s a way to learn about field papers mapping, get outside, enjoy public art, meet people and enrich OpenStreetMap with public artworks. What’s not to love?

The proposed schedule for the first two mapathons:

####June 29, Monday 6pm Meet at Holladay Park. Gab for 30 minutes, divvy up quadrants and head out.

####July 13, Monday 12pm Meet at MAX Expo Center stop & work our way back to PDX.

I took the liberty to map the first two meeting areas with Mapbox Studio (a free map styling program that replaces TileMill) and then I used Mapbox Static Map Maker to add this map to my static Jekyll blog. This is still a work in progress! Feel free to help us plan here.
Mapbox Map © Mapbox © OpenStreetMap