March 16, 2015

RailsBridge To the Rescue!

So I’ve been wrangling with setting up Travis CI for the learnosm site for quite some time. But this weekend I finally got my local copy of the learnosm site to pass a build with Travis CI!

I have the RailsBridge workshop to thank in part. This past weekend I had the privilege to participate in this Ruby on Rails workshop and I really benefited from getting a “big picture” of how all the components of a web application work. It was also really great to learn with others again in a beginner friendly environment with plenty of experienced volunteers to ask questions. They have great beginner-friendly documentation you can check out here.

My experience at RailsBridge has taught me that I can really benefit from seeking out the “big picture” of how things work more. In my trouble setting up Travis CI I realized that I needed more context to understand what I was doing. I took an active approach of just diving in and experimenting with the code but I think I could’ve benefited from reading through the documentation more attentively and approaching the task more reflectively.

I can’t believe that something like RailsBridge happens! Where have I been all this time? I am now looking into simlar tutorials/workshops and even dream of helping to organize one sometime in the future.