December 30, 2014

Getting into the Workflow

#A New Big Picture

I’ve been struggling with aligning my learning interests with the practical needs of HOT as well as spending too much time exploring feature requests that I don’t know how to do yet and that there isn’t much consensus on. I’ve been disappointed to learn that one of the projects I really wanted to work on has been put on hold for now.

I spoke with a HOT contributor the other day who helped me put my internship in better perspective by suggesting I focus more on “mastering the Git workflow” with github issues on the learnosm and HOT sites to begin with. He was also able to quote some guidelines for mentors from the [Gnome] that suggest(

It is best if the accepted participants work as part of the team, starting with smaller tasks (i.e. bugs) and progressing over >time to more complex tasks (i.e. features), with each task being suggested by you based on the current priorities of the team.

Hence, focusing on the getting merges with my name on them in Github issues is my new realistic and practical goal for the next two weeks. In the meantime, I will also research some feature requests in Github issues but only after spending time on simpler bugs and fixes. I think I’ve been too “overzealous” and unrealistic about jumping into the most “interesting” parts of the code before working on the simpler parts and understanding how they work.

In general, I think I could benefit from making sure my goals are realistic and managing my time more effectively so that I am researching feature requests and developing new content where applicable and only after I’ve completed higher priority tasks. I’ve decided to keep a shared work log in Evernote to keep myself accountable for focusing on the right goals.

This week’s focus: Pull Requests for the learnosm and HOT site!