November 23, 2014

Free & Open Source Software Outreach Program Internship Starts

##Let the Adventure Begin

This month I learned that my application was accepted by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) through the Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program (also known as FOSS Outreach Program or or FOSS OPW). I met with my mentor, Kate Chapman, last week here in Portland and learned that Map Zen had originallly donated an internship to HOT and then FOSS OPW matched the funds so they could have two interns. This is HOT’s first year of hosting interns through FOSS OPW. Thank you Map Zen, the FOSS Outreach Program and the Gnome Foundation!

Three other Ascenders got FOSS Outreach Program internships as well. We’re hoping to share space as we work on our projects throughout the internship. In about a week we will have a small “reunion” and it will be fun to see everyone again. TwitterCongratulationsNote

It was noted that people should reapply next round if they didn’t get in this round as seven of the new interns were repeat applicants. The next application due date is March 24, 2015, and the internship dates are from May 25 to August 25.

I am grateful for the Ascend Project for giving me the confidence, practical help and solid tools to get started (including a new laptop)! Special thanks to @conradwt for helping me setup postgres SQL to locally run osm-tasking-manager2 and get my development environment setup.

I feel very privileged to be one HOT’s interns and I am quitting my part-time job at the local library to dedicate myself more fully to this opportunity. I really enjoyed working with others at the library but I craved more opportunities to continue learning and challenging myself and I think tech will better satisfy these desires.

I am also excited to apply my learning to a project that has such global impact for good. My project aims are to improve user access and usabilty of HOT mapping tools and make it easier for other contributors to get started by improving documentation and tackling issues on the osm-tasking-manager2 page. We’ll see where this project leads! I am trying to get a head start on the internship although it doesn’t officially start until December 9th.

Stay tuned for future updates!