October 16, 2014

My Ascend Project Journey

Last Days of the Ascend Project

Today I gave a presentation about my experience with the Ascend Project. I shared about how I started feeling really unsure of myself and how I have much more confidence in my ability to engage the learning process and wrangle with code as an Open Source Contributor!

The Ascend Project is truly a unique program because its aim is to remove barriers for people from all sorts of backgrounds who are interested in participating in Open Source. The Ascend Project gave me the opportunity to participate in its technical contribution training by providing a daily stipend, a transit pass, food, and the equipment needed (like a new lap top).

It’s amazing how few programs cater to people who may not be able to afford their training programs or have a powerful enough computer to run the latest software and web development tools. My Ubuntu laptop’s hardware is not that great and would shut off in the middle of downloading various dependencies for projects. I remember feeling really defeated when I went to meetups because I couldn’t set up my development environment on my lap top because of what seemed like hardware issues let alone move on to the next steps. I didn’t realize that a computer that’s older than 4 years old could be considered so “obsolete” (mine was 7 years old)!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Ascend Project and I will miss our courageous instructors Lukas and Kronda and my fellow Ascenders. Hopefully, we can get together again and keep in touch.

Thank you to Lukas, Kronda, Mozilla and all supporters of the Ascend Project!